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One of the world’s great escape
destinations in the world

Morocco The Great Escape

One of the world’s great escape destinations in the world, Morocco is an exotic country that will charm you as it has thousands of travelers. Thanks to its varied scenery, its   landscapes, its climate, its culture and its warmhearted hospitality.
Morocco is in Western North Africa, separated from Europe by 9 kms and much less from Gibraltar. Its culture is a mix of European, Arabic and berber cultures, for sure will charm you and make your travel unforgettable.
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Agadir, Gateway to southern Morocco

Agadir is located on the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of the morocco berber region. Because of its warm temperature, enjoy outdoor activities to get the maximum benefit of your trip to Agadir. Agadir, with its look of "Riviera" or "Florida" or Even “Atlantic City” is a destination for leisure and relaxation.Visit Agadir as numerous local agencies offers sea expeditions and excursions.

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